Apex Farms

Box 280, Niverville, R0A 1E0
(204) 388-4218

Artel Farms

Box 550 (1683 PR 311), Niverville R0A 1E0
(204) 388-4613

As farmers, we are part of the global community of food producers. That carries with it a huge responsibility not only to use our land carefully, but also to attend to the sharing of our harvest. We practice zero-till and minimal till in our crops, and take care to provide appropriate drainage to all fields. Everything we do on a daily basis affects us locally as well as the global community and the environment. We try to do our part and hope we are helping even a little.

Forgotten Flavours

Errington Place, Niverville

204 293 0622

IG: @forgottenflavours

FB: Forgotten Flavours

At Forgotten Flavours, our mission is to bring you the highest quality of products by using traditional methods and techniques, combined with all natural ingredients in order to preserve the flavours and textures nature provides. Traditional methods and natural ingredients to bring you delicious products the way nature intended.

G4 Services Inc.

Stuart Ginter

Gehrer Ag Inc.

23067 Mun Road 42N, Niverville, MB R0A 0T3

Grain farm

Maple Leaf Agri-Farms

295 Main St, Niverville MB R0A 1E0
(204) 355-4373

Negash Coffee

(204) 388-6384

Unit #2b, 40 Drovers Run Niverville, MB

Negash Coffee Ltd. is a family owned and operated local coffee roastery, located in Niverville Manitoba. We bring our roots and passion of coffee from Ethiopia to North America, specializing in organic Ethiopian coffee beans. Using our knowledge to accommodate customers on multiple categories such as taste (strong, smooth), amount of caffeine (energy, alertness), as well as the right type of coffee bean and roast for each individual’s body.

Prairie Sky Aviation

Reg Friesen
Box 309, Niverville R0A 1R0
(204) 388-4303

The Great Gorp Project Inc.

1683 PR 311, Niverville
(204) 388-9649

We are an all natural CLEAN energy bar manufacturer. Made using as many locally grown ingredients as possible!