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We are committed to the enhancement of economic prosperity in Niverville and the surrounding area. We take pride in our activities and special events that are designed to improve business and residential life in Niverville and area.
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A message from our president, Amanda Wiens

A Year in Review- 2021

The purpose of the Niverville Chamber is to both advocate and to provide support to our business community. I want to start off by thanking our members for continuing to trust us with this important initiative. We couldn’t do the things we do without our members and their support.

In terms of advocacy, we strive to serve as the voice of business in supporting a growing economy and thriving business community. This year that took several forms. In May, we conferred with the Town on the roll out of the new Commercial Recycling Program, ensuring our business community would continue to have a cost-effective option. In October, we joined our Mayor, Myron Dyck, in advocating for Niverville when a 50% capacity on businesses was mandated for just Southern Health. We called Dr.Roussin and wrote him a letter, which we had hand delivered to him through the MB Chamber. Our message to him was that Niverville, which had a higher vaccination rate than the provincial average at that time, should not have additional mandates imposed on its business community. This resulted in our mayor having a meeting with Dr.Roussin which led to Niverville being excluded from the additional Southern Health mandates, and businesses were able to operate at 100% capacity again. In December, we again participated in the Town of Niverville’s annual planning session. Here we had the opportunity to learn about what projects are in the works for the next few years so that we can be prepared to support our business community for any changes that might affect them.  

When it comes to member business support, we aim to provide targeted products, services, events and programs to enhance members’ success. In 2021, we continued with our Chamber Connection, which is our email newsletter. This newsletter is always filled with the latest information on Covid-19 relief programs and access to educational and physical resources. This past year that included anything from how to apply for the multitude of government grants to how to access free rapid tests for businesses. We also continued with our Welcome Home package, which is a package we distribute to new residents to introduce them to our diverse business community along with incentives to go check them out. As always, your membership gives you access to the Chamber Plan Group Insurance, if you choose to enrol. This plan is specifically designed with the products, services, and administration tools to match the needs of today’s small businesses. With more than 30,000 firms insured under the Plan, it is the most popular employee benefit program in Canada for small to midsize businesses. This past year we were unable to host the many networking events we normally offer. We were still able to host our annual golf tournament on Aug 19, 2021. It was so great to see so many of you that day! We have high hopes for 2022 that there will be a lot more opportunities like that. We also sponsored the Winterfest Market in November, to give small and home-based businesses a one-day retail venue during the holiday season. Lastly, we were able to secure $19,000 in grant money through the provincial and federal government to be used to run a “Buy Local MB” campaign. With this grant we were able to run a “Luck of the Locals” Instagram contest in March, where people sent us proof of purchases from local Niverville businesses to be entered in a draw to receive a gift card to another local Niverville business. We also ran a campaign called “Make a Day of it”. This campaign was targeted at attracting customers to Niverville to spend a day exploring our town and seeing what it has to offer. The funding for this initiative went towards a promotional video showcasing the diverse business offering and attractions of our town, the creation of the www.tourismniverville.com website, and a social media contest that asked people to share our promotional video for a chance to win gift cards to local businesses.

This past year was anything but ordinary. Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve you as part of our business community. We look forward to seeing what 2022 has in store for us.

--Amanda Wiens, President Niverville Chamber of Commerce