How to Join

Want to join us?


A. Within Niverville, 1 to 3 staff $120 fee + $6 GST= $126.00 
B. Within Niverville, 4 to 10 staff $150 fee + $7.50 GST= $157.50 
C. Within Niverville, 11 to 25 staff $250 fee + $12.50 GST $162.50
D. Within Niverville, more than 25 staff $300 fee + $15 GST $315.00
E. Outside of Niverville town boundaries $100 fee + $5 GST = $105.00

In 2019 an additional membership category was added -- Home-based business. This category is for new businesses. This is to recognize that many new businesses start on a small-scale in a home. This category will allow new business owners to participate in the Niverville Chamber's activities while they establish themselves. This category is open to home-based businesses for a maximum of two years. Fee $75 plus $3.75 GST per year.

Additional businesses owned by same owner(s) may join on a sliding fee scale: first business is charged at the appropriate level for the largest business in the group; secondary businesses are charged at the lower of at half the rate of the main business or the rate that would apply to the smaller business. For example: if in a group of businesses, the largest one was Level D ($315), the maximum fee  for any other related business to join would be $157.50.

Note: Membership is tied to a business not a person. This means that any number of employees of a member business may attend chamber functions and receive the weekly Chamber Connections enews.

If you join after September 30, your membership will include the following year. Members who join after June 30 pay half fees.

Simply fill out the chamber's membership application  We look forward to hearing from you!

Once your membership application has been approved, we will contact you to pay your fees by sending an e-transfer to or mailed to Box 157, Niverville, MB R0A 1E0; or dropped off at the town's municipal office. We do not take credit cards.